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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ultrashort Regimen of Lansoprazole-Amoxicillin-Azithromycin.

Studies evaluating short-term azithromycin-containing therapies (i.e., regimens lasting 7 days or less) for H. pylori corruptness have yielded conflicting results. Mesa 2 summarizes the trials published to date examining therapy with azithromycin in sequence with a PPI and another antimicrobial for H. pylori linguistic process. Eradication rates on a perprotocol footing have been reported to be as high as 93% and as low as 57% for similar regimens involving the use of azithromycin for ternary days. The medicinal drug and time of use of the gear antimicrobial (amoxicillin, metronidazole, or tinidazole) were similar in most of these studies -- ranging from trey to spot days. Two studies have suggested, however, that the efficacy of azithromycin-containing therapy for H. pylori pathological process can be augmented with higher dosages of azithromycin.
Our discipline was designed to stance whether an ultrashort regimen containing azithromycin is effective against H. pylori unhealthiness. The option and extent of therapy were based on (1) the prolonged tissue paper half-life of azithromycin, which allows for organization of a safety daily dose of 1 g for one or two days, (2) the improved bioavailability of amoxicillin and azithromycin after potent control of gastric acid, and (3) in vitro grounds of theological doctrine between PPIs and azithromycin in the eradication of H. pylori.